First Course

We did it! Our first course just finished.


In November, our first FoundHair Training in hair restoration surgery took place in sunny Miami. During three days, we were able to present 9 very different hair surgeries to our attendees. Since the most popular method of hair restoration was FUE, we were able to let our attendees observe seven FUE procedures- some done by our own device “E System” and some done by NeoGraft. Attendees were able to closely observe and learn how to do graft extractions in the most efficient manner. Apart from harvesting hairs from the scalp, we also had a few body hair transplant procedures that were very interesting. Probably the most important part of hair restoration is how to design a hairline and that was explained and demonstrated by Dr. Epstein in detail with emphasis on creating a natural look, proper angulation of the blade while making recipient sites and the best distribution of hair follicles. A bit advanced level of hair restoration surgery entered areas of restoring eyebrows and beards. Usually these procedures are not something to begin a hair restoration career with, but they are very popular amongst patients nowadays so it was a wonderful opportunity to present it to our attendees. They have been able to appreciate how delicate those procedures are and to make a difference between restoring scalp hair versus facial hair. PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment was done on several patients with or without hair transplantation. We explained how PRP is prepared and then injected to maximize the results.

After lunch, we lectured on many different topics. Dr. Gorana Kuka lectured on cutting edge hair loss therapies and how to manage female patients with hair loss. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduced to the attendees his signature procedure – the Hybrid procedure, a unique combination of FUT and FUE techniques. Furthermore he talked about surgical hairline advancement, eyelash transplantation, hair procedures for transgender patients and many other topics. Based on his large experience, he sincerely advised students how do their first cases and how not to make mistakes while doing transplants.

During the practice management hour, our manager Roxy Labrada spoke on how to manage patients from initial call to their surgery and later on while they are waiting to see results of their hair transplant procedure. Marketing aspects on how to build a successful hair restoration practice have also been discussed. Our doctors also shared their experiences and thoughts.

Our first course was absolutely fantastic and we are looking forward to our next course in February!

FoundHair Training Team


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Fun time – Drs. Epstein and Kuka taking pictures with some of the attendees

“Under the guidance of Dr. Epstein and Gorana Kuka, MD, I was able to learn the latest technics on hair transplant surgery. I wanted a training program that offered not only the surgical but also the business aspects on this arena. During three days of intense and extremely thorough teaching, we covered all the bases on how to conduct a successful practice. Their support staff was also amazing, providing me with years of experience on important details. I found my entire experience to be astounding. I would recommend the Foundation for Hair Restoration Training to everyone that desires to begin or expand their knowledge on hair transplant surgery.”

Adley DaSilva PA-C
Attended our first course Nov 2-4th, 2015.


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