Becoming a hair surgeon

This course is an opportunity for those short on experience but long on desire and willingness to learn the full spectrum of hair restoration.

Found hair Training Course is an opportunity particularly for plastic, facial plastic, and other aesthetic surgeons short on experience but long on desire and willingness to learn how to properly bring hair restoration to patients.  While hair restoration is largely about the technique of extracting then transplanting grafts, it involves more than a simple mechanical technique.  Instead, as a surgical procedure, the best clinicians will understand the causes and the process of hair loss to then determine the proper way to treat it.  By learning not only the medical aspects of hair loss and also both strip/FUG and FUE hair transplantation techniques for men and women, as well as techniques for restoring eyebrow and beard hairs, repairing prior scarring and unaesthetic results and the surgical hairline advancement procedure, and supplementing this technical training with an appreciation for the aesthetics of restoring hair, one can begin to become a reputable and conscientious hair surgeon.

That is the purpose of this course.  To train you, the practitioner, in the full scope of hair.

International Alliance of Hair Restoration SurgeonsCastle ConnollyAmerican Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeryUniversity of MiamiAmerican Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeryFlorida Society of Plastic SurgeryAmerican Board of Hair Restoration Surgery American Hair loss Association