“Dr. Kuka,

Sorry it has taken me a couple weeks to follow up but I want to thank you and Dr. Epstein SO much for a wonderful course! I truly learned a lot during my time there and am excited about including hair restoration into my practice. Will certainly recommend your workshop to my colleagues!


Hi Jeff and Gorana
I wanted to send you both (and your incredible staff!!!!) a million thank you’s for the training experience! I truly wish this was a part of my career that I had started 10 years ago!
Please pass on my email to all of the guys from the course. Always nice to meet great people and I look forward to seeing you in Hollywood in the fall!
(If you ever want to send Elsa on vacation she can come up here and help get things running smoothly!

Best wishes

Dear Jeff and Gorana,

Thank you so much for welcoming my fellow, Dr. NT, at your course earlier this week. He said that it was incredibly useful and one of the best courses he has ever attended

Best wishes,

Hi Dr.Epstein and Dr.Kuka,
I wanted to thank you both for an excellent course.
It was an incredible learning experience that I think all the attendees enjoyed.
I will be in touch come January to discuss details for NYC.
Best regards,

Gary Linkow, MD

Dear Dr. Kuka,

Thank you for the wonderful workshop!
It was such an informative, well-organized one that I am still talking about it with everybody! 🙂
It really was a one-of-a-kind experience!

Tunde Szalai, MD

I feel.comfortable speaking for all of us when I express our gratitude.

Thank you again for an amazing experience. I know very well that successful people need not open thier practice for others and it speaks volumes to your character that you have.

Mark and I will do our best to never allow second rate work to reflect on us or our educators!


This picture was from the training 2017. thanks for the great course we have done, really appreciated. keep in touch for further questions.

Dagoberto Ulloa Giron

Dear dr Gorana!
Thanks for such a nice course, everything was great from beginning to end!

Emil Rizk,
medical student

I attended the Foundation Hair Training Course during fellowship to improve upon the training I had already received. I had previously done basic FUE work and strip technique FUG. This course taught me how to transform my basic knowledge into a systematic approach to hair restoration. The course is all encompassing and covers advanced topics, medical treatment and practice management. I was previously contemplating signing up with an FUE “name brand” company to help me cover marketing, instrumentation and assistants; however after this course I believe I can set up my own system and likely saved tens of thousands of dollars. I highly recommend this for anyone thinking of adding hair restoration to their practice or improving the quality of care and expertise one provides to their patients.

Dr. S. Patel
Facial Plastic Surgeon

The course was more than worth the time and expense ! The physicians and staff provide gold standard of care for this group of patients !
Their professional attitudes and the method of care delivery was carefully noted and deserves to be emulated if you are desiring similar out comes !
The team approach and the highly trained staff are truly amazing ! The pride they take in their work is obvious !
The course should be considered just the first step in your quest to provide the best possible care to your patients!
It is a must have course if you are considering expanding in to this line of care!
Thank Jeff and you Gorana so much and if you could help me set up that medical treatment evaluation and treatment program I would be indebted !
I will keep in touch !
Drop by Myrtle Beach any time

Dr. Salvatore Zieno

The three day training course by Dr. Epstein and Dr. Kuka was a comprehensive experience. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to incorporate hair restoration into his or her own practice. They covered all aspects of hair restoration in open and honest detail, freely sharing their many years of knowledge and experience. Being able to observe and perform procedures with Dr. Epstein and Dr. Kuka and their highly trained staff was incredibly valuable. Thanks!

Nicholas Crawford, M.D.

The hair restoration course by Drs. Kuka and Epstein is truly a must for any aspiring hair surgeon. A hands on opportunity to learn from the best!”

Ali Esmail MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon

“Thank you Dr Epstein and Dr Kuka for a fantastic course. The three day course was intensive and highly informative. I think it provided an excellent range of procedures in an extremely busy practice. I saw several FUE and FUT procedures performed daily. We learned how to perform the procedures with hands on experience in extractions, preparation of grafts and planting. We had access to all surgical rooms allowing us to learn important techniques in scalp hair restoration, eyebrow and eyelash hair restoration and also beard hair restoration. Dr. Epstein and Dr Kuka were open and informative giving us great tips for a successful hair restoration practice.
I would highly recommend this course to anybody wishing to introduce hair restoration to their practice. I feel confident in starting my new practice in hair restoration.“

Maeve O’Doherty
Oculoplastic surgeon
Cayman Island

“Under the guidance of Dr. Epstein and Gorana Kuka, MD, I was able to learn the latest technics on hair transplant surgery. I wanted a training program that offered not only the surgical but also the business aspects on this arena. During three days of intense and extremely thorough teaching, we covered all the bases on how to conduct a successful practice. Their support staff was also amazing, providing me with years of experience on important details. I found my entire experience to be astounding. I would recommend the Foundation for Hair Restoration Training to everyone that desires to begin or expand their knowledge on hair transplant surgery.”

Adley DaSilva PA-C
Attended our first course Nov 2-4th, 2015.

Dear Dr. Epstein,
I sincerely appreciate you allowing me to spend time with you during my American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship. It is an honor that my first experience in the field of hair restoration was with a facial plastic surgeon that is a renowned master in the field hair surgery. Your contributions to our specialty of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and hair restoration are an inspiration to me. I hope to emulate your superior technique, outstanding natural results, and the world-class practice that you have built. Your staff is extremely personable, well trained, and helpful and that is a reflection of you. I am forever grateful for the hospitality and encouragement that you showed me. The vast exposure to both your brilliant FUE and FUT techniques for scalp and body hair transplantation has been invaluable to my practice. I am forever thankful for your mentorship and support.

Farhad Ardeshirpour, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery
Loma Linda University Health Sciences Center

I had the privilege of visiting Dr Jeff Epstein three years ago. Although I have done hair restoration surgery for the last twenty years, I feel there is always something new to learn. And what a better place to learn those finer points from than Dr Epstein’s clinic in Miami.
Not knowing what to expect, i found a highly organized clinic that works in harmony from the marketing aspect to the administrative down to the technical. All orchestrated, like a maestro, by Dr. Epstein.
My main goal of the visit was to learn how to organize such a large team and having them function smoothly, how to attract and retain a large volume of patients and to observe their particular take on the follicular unit extraction.
I came away with so many salient points and pearls that I have employed in my practice since then.
I have found the best way to shorten the learning curve of anything is to observe and learn from the people who excel at it, and you will find that with Dr Epstein and his talented team.

Dr. H. Rahal, Ottawa, Canada

I was fortunate to have shadowed Jeffrey Epstein as part of an observership during my facial plastic surgery fellowship. I learned critical techniques for hair transplantation which to this day I employ regularly in my practice. He is a true master of his craft.

Sincerely, Dr. Shivan Amin

I spent a week with Dr. Epstein, Dr. Bared, and their staff and can say that it was an invaluable experience in shaping my own hair restoration practice.  They were so gracious in opening their office to me, they are fantastic teachers, and continue to offer mentorship.  Whether you are a novice or seasoned hair restoration surgeon, the FHRPS hair restoration surgery course will provide the tools to excel.

Dr. Joshua Surowitz

I can think of no one else I would rather have teach me to begin or perfect my hair transplant technique than Jeff Epstein.
I have known Jeff for over twenty years since we took our Facial Plastic boards together. He had the top candidate score then and has not stopped excelling. I first visited him when his practice was fledgling and he now has a massive practice. Yet since that time, all the friends and MD’s I have referred to him for primary and revision transplants were all given Jeff’s personal attention and care.
On top of his technical expertise he has long been a friend and confidant. Every time I called him for a medical, business or personal concern he has been generous with his time and effort. While he is a trend setter in surgical techniques, business acumen and marketing, he is as down to earth a surgeon as you will ever find.
If you want to learn hair transplant from the guy who can do it all, do yourself a favor and attend his course.

Dr. Thomas Funcik

When I first walked into the operating room where they were performing the hair transplant procedure I could see the level expertise that Dr. Epstein and his team had. They worked diligently and professionally but, what sets them apart from the norm is the level of care that he provided for his patients. The patient was given a selection of music and movies from an iPad in order to past the time.It was interesting to see how minuscule and non-invasive the procedure was and how pain-free it was for the patient. Overall the experience I had with Epstein was a very positive one. I learned first-hand about one of the many procedures he has to offer and how beneficial plastic surgery can be for a person.

Dr. David Dukenik

It was in early 2014 when I made a one-week visit to Foundation for Hair Restoration office in Miami where they do lots of plastic surgery and also hair restoration surgery.
My field of practice is in Dermatology and Hair transplant so it was a very good chance for me to observe several FUT & FUE procedures including male and female pattern baldness, eyebrow and eyelash transplantation and also beard and mustache transplantation. Although I have done a lot of hair transplant procedures, I found my visit was very useful and I can apply some new techniques to improve my own practice.
Visiting Dr. Epstein’s world-class office would greatly benefit doctors who is interested in plastic surgery and hair transplantation.
I would like to thank Dr. Epstein, Dr. Bared, Linda and their wonderful team for taking care of me during my stay.

Prapote Asawaworarit, MD
M.S. Dermatology
Diplomate ABHRS
Bangkok, Thailand

Over the past 20 years, probably no doctor has participated in the training (both observational as well as through his lectures and publications) of more plastic and facial plastic surgeons in the specialty of hair transplantation than Dr. Epstein.  Personally, when I wanted to enhance the hair skills of my office, I and several of my assistants spent some time at his Miami office which was a priceless experience.

Dr. Vito Quatela, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Rochester, NY.  Past President, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

I’ve attended case observations with Dr. Epstein during his hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation surgeries.  In addition to receiving insightful instruction on the technical and aesthetic nuances of the procedures, it was valuable to also witness how a hair restoration practice functions to provide a great experience for his patients.  I highly recommend any educational and training opportunity with Dr. Epstein.

Miguel Canales, MD, Medical Director, Restoration Robotics, Inc.

I’ve visited Dr. Epstein’s office  in Miami  to  observe  eyebrow hair transplantation.  I appreciated all the little details I learned about the the procedure that that has now really contributed to my  practice. I recommend any educational training with Dr. Epstein who is highly qualified and has extensive expertise in hair transplant surgery.

Alessandra Juliano, MD,  Dermatologist specialized in Hair loss and Hair transplant surgery. Medical director of Clinica do cabelo Brasília- DF / BRAZIL.

I can attest that a 3 day hands on training course in hair restoration surgery given by Dr. Jeff Epstein will be an unparalleled learning  experience. There are presently no courses anywhere in the world that offer such a wide, personal  spectrum of actual hands on training in a variety of hair restoration surgery techniques. After 3 days you will know if you wish to make hair part if your practice or alter your techniques if you already do hair work. I highly recommend this course.

Sheldon S. Kabaker MD, FAC
Clinical Professor UCSF
Past President ISHRS

Because I have been involved in hair restoration for over twenty- five years, I have often visited other colleagues practices to to see if they we’re doing  anything new and possibly better. I recently invited myself to Dr. Jeffrey Epstein’s practice in Coral Gables Florida. I experienced three days filled with more pearls on Hair Restoration than could fill a textbook! Dr. Epstein has a Global feel not only for hair transplantation but also for the management of this type of practice. He is not only an outstanding surgeon, but he is also a willing and creditable teacher. He also has the artistic eye which is mandatory in Hair Restoration. I applaud him for the many advances he has championed in this field.

Edwin A. Cortez MD. F.A.C.S.

Dear Dr Epstein,

I really appreciate the opportunity to spend a week with you during my fellowship.  I learned so much about hair restoration surgery.  It was wonderful to experience the process from the initial patient interview to the post-operative care, and great to see the different  surgical techniques and various treatment areas.  Your staff was also amazing and a great source of knowledge.  They too were extremely helpful and able to teach me much about each portion of the procedure as I was able to speak with them throughout the process. You and your staff work so well together and I appreciate being able to see how the process can work so flawlessly through each step of this time consuming procedure.  Your immense knowledge of the procedure and ability to constantly achieve amazing natural results is something to emulate.  The ability and willingness to teach fellows and other professionals demonstrates great dedication to teaching.  Having witnessed your expertise and teaching abilities first hand, I would most highly recommend that anyone interested in hair restoration surgery spend time and learn from you.  Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to educate me in this procedure.

Very Respectfully,
Michelle Arnold

Drs. Epstein and Bared,

We greatly appreciate you allowing us to visit your clinic and to observe Dr. Bared perform an eyebrow transplant. We were thankful not only for your generosity in accommodating us on such short notice, but also for the way we were received by your staff, who were welcoming and prepared for our arrival. Along with Dr. Bared, they created a relaxed atmosphere that made for a really enjoyable day.

Regarding the procedure, Dr. Bared was eager to teach and he guided us through the process from start to finish. His keen aesthetic eye and attention to detail were evident from the start as he meticulously drew the outline for the “new” eyebrows on the patient’s face prior to the procedure. He clearly takes great pride in his work. During the procedure Dr. Bared explained as he went, identifying common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid along the way. Other team members contributed useful insights as well, indicating their experience and appreciation of the subtle details of the procedure. It was clear that successful hair transplant is not unlike most other aspects of medicine and surgery in that providing excellent patient care is rarely, if ever, an individual effort.

George Brant, DO
Jon Bielfield, DO
Dermatology Residents
Colorado Dermatology Institute/RVUCOM




Some of the visiting doctors at The Foundation

International Alliance of Hair Restoration SurgeonsCastle ConnollyAmerican Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeryUniversity of MiamiAmerican Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeryFlorida Society of Plastic SurgeryAmerican Board of Hair Restoration Surgery American Hair loss Association